Welcome to the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute’s web site for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The world will mark the Declaration’s 50th anniversary on December 10, 1998. In the United States, a national coalition is working to promote action that advances respect for human rights at home and abroad.

Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s belief that, “The destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens in all our communities,” more than 125 organizations have joined the In Your Hands campaign. Men, women, boys and girls are working together to mark the December 10 anniversary through citizen action and dialogue at Town Hall Meetings in cities across the United States.

Eleanor Roosevelt
The destiny of human rights is In Your Hands!

Today’s Technology & Humanitarian Efforts: How they intertwine

Today, the world is connected and intertwined on the internet. If there is a travesty happening,like when Syria used chemical weapons on it’s on own people and Donald Trump bombed the crap out of them for it, we have an ability to instantly see this detriment to humanitarian efforts. Just a decade and a half ago, 2 decades ago, the global community would have been none the wiser. Since technology has the earth connected, by only 4 degrees of separation now, and we can instantly see live events unfold from 20,000 miles away, humanitarian efforts are getting increased awareness! In the past, our military intelligence may have had “eyes” on the situation and our military may have reacted expeditiously…but I am willing to bet no where near as fast as we acted because the entire world was privy to those awful images. This is just one way technology has helped increased awareness! In the job market place, you see a lot of jobs such as windows pc repair ,outsourced to 3rd world countries. Where they maybe have a lower wage than a U.S. worker, but the way in their respective country is ample. Technology is used in industries such as the port equipment exchange, where (scarily) between are smuggled into huge hard top containers, lifted up by container handlers, and left to parish. From identifying travesties instantly, to growing job markets, technology is and has helped over all humanitarian efforts!

Here is a video you can watch for further research: