The Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets forth the inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms of each and every person on the face of the earth. These rights are your rights. Learn them. Promote them. Defend them.

Study the Overview to learn about the Universal Declaration’s origins and significance. Read biographic Profiles of Eleanor Roosevelt and others responsible for the drafting and adoption of the Declaration – witness how the commitment of each individual advances human rights for all individuals. Review the Timeline to understand the Declaration’s important place in the ongoing struggle for human rights. And if you still have Questions about the Universal Declaration, look carefully at some of the historic speeches, essays and reports provided here or at some of the books and articles recommended in the Bibliography.
Start with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights itself. Then consider each of its Articles individually (as one artist did here). Remember that, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “the destiny of human rights is in the hands of all our citizens in all our communities.”

The destiny of human rights is IN YOUR HANDS!