How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey

As you probably know, quitting smoking for good is one of challenges (heavy) smokers have had to face. In truth, some of them do all sorts of things just to kick the habit, yet they fail at them. Are you reading this article because you want to quit smoking? Or you are searching for the best possible ways to quit smoking cold turkey? Speaking of how to quit smoking cold turkey, do you understand what that means? Well, you will learn that and so much more as you continue reading.

What does it mean to quit Smoking Cold Turkey?

Cold turkey in the act of smoking is simply a phrase used to describe the gradual giving up on smoking for good without having to use nicotine replacement therapy or drugs. Many ex-smokers have shared testimonies of how this strategy helped them break the habit. So let’s find what strategy that is.

How to Quit Smoking Cold Turkey: The Strategy


This is one of the amazing ways to quit smoking cold turkey. Hypnosis is the process of putting a smoker into a trance-like state to change their thought processes. The argument is that when a smoker is at that state, he cannot perform actions like smoking. This is also known as clinical hypnosis. Take for instance when a smoker is asked to imagine inhaling large amount of smoke from exhaust pipes of a vehicle. That could help in discouraging him from smoking.

Avoid the Temptation

This is truly one of the toughest decisions you ever have to make. There are certain changes you need to adopt in order to achieve this. Don’t hang out with your smoking clique anymore and avoid places where smokers visit a lot.

Behavioral Changes

Furthermore, now that you have decided to stay away from cigarettes,
you need to get something else to keep you busy. You may decide to chew bubble gums, participate in yoga, drink plenty of water in place of it, go skiing or get involved in any other activity for that matter that will keep your mind off smoking.

Apply Logic

Sometimes, you may need to use logic to overcome the craving to smoke. Yes, the craving to
smoke is your desire; you need to take control of it and not the other way round. Always have that logic at the back of your mind. Besides craving merely lasts for a while; it won’t kill you.

Join a Support Network

You can never underemphasize the help or advice a support network could offer you in a bid to quit smoking cold turkey. The group may be similar smokers who wish to quit or have already quit.

Console yourself with the gains: Whenever you think of the gains of quitting smoking, console yourself with that. Yes, it’s enough reason to stop smoking.

Final Words

If you are still struggling with the habit, set a quit date right now! Ensure you start trying the strategies
discussed above from the said date. In all, the decision to quit smoking is entirely yours, though it may not be easy. Get someone to help you if you can’t do it alone – just stop smoking because it does to your health more harm than good.

Hurricane Humanitarian Efforts

The Hurricane season has started off not so good. Category 5, after Category 5 hurricanes keep popping up and making their way through populated areas. We had Hurricane Harvey nearly destroy the southern part of TX. Then we just had Hurricane Irma wreaking Havoc. Now we have Hurricane Maria tearing up Puerto Rico. When it comes to back to back to back natural disasters, we like to keep our ears to the ground on what sort of humanitarian efforts are taking place.

We saw a popular NFL player, J.J. Watt, raised over 37 Million dollars in Harvey relief. That is crazy! What a great way to leverage his brand popularity to help with humanitarian effort. Unlike other NFL athlete’s who’d rather sit during our national anthem in “protest”, this celebrity actually made and is making a huge difference in lives in the southern Texas landscape.

The devastation from Hurricane Irma is widespread. Some areas, like St. Thomas in the Bahamas got absolutely destroyed. I know the Red Cross and some other humanitarian type agencies are involved all the way from the Bahamas to Florida. I saw a story where one family evacuated the Bahamas to Puerto Rico, lost everything in Irma and is now currently trying to survive Maria in Puerto Rico!

This particular family’s friends have started a gofundme page. Gofundme is a tool to automate the web design of a donation page. From that Gofund me page, this family will hopefully be able to get back on their feet. Not only them, but the 100s of thousands affected by these vicious storms.

Between JJ Watts unselfish act, random cruise liners helping offload St Thomas residents, to the troops activated and deployed, it’s great to see humans coming together for the greater good of the species.

Power of Photography

We’ve all seen photographs of starving children. It breaks our heart. We’ve all seen the commercials with Sara McLachLand singing “arms of the angel’ in the background as sad images of animals are portrayed. By utilizing powerful images, people are striking at the core of your morality and empathy. I was talking with a friend who is a photographer for a wilmington nc aerial photography firm, and she explained why she got started as a photographer, “I wanted to use my camera to capture and keep happy moments for people, there is enough pain in the world” she stated. I couldn’t agree more, but I also respect photography used to stir emotion and cause us to take a second look at humanitarian efforts. Photographers travel to the ends of the earth, sometimes combat zones, and others 3rd world, disease and starvation ridden places, to take their camera point and shoot. Capturing emotions and stirring emotions, and highlighting important things that we all take for granted. I appreciate the power of photography!

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