Power of Photography

We’ve all seen photographs of starving children. It breaks our heart. We’ve all seen the commercials with Sara McLachLand singing “arms of the angel’ in the background as sad images of animals are portrayed. By utilizing powerful images, people are striking at the core of your morality and empathy. I was talking with a friend who is a photographer for a wilmington nc aerial photography firm, and she explained why she got started as a photographer, “I wanted to use my camera to capture and keep happy moments for people, there is enough pain in the world” she stated. I couldn’t agree more, but I also respect photography used to stir emotion and cause us to take a second look at humanitarian efforts. Photographers travel to the ends of the earth, sometimes combat zones, and others 3rd world, disease and starvation ridden places, to take their camera point and shoot. Capturing emotions and stirring emotions, and highlighting important things that we all take for granted. I appreciate the power of photography!

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